What We Do

H:OM ORGANIZING organizes every space in the home, from closets and pantries, to bathrooms and living rooms. We believe living in a clutter-free space will bring peace and clarity to other aspects of life outside of the home. Our service goes far beyond pretty baskets and white vinyl labels. H:OM ORGANIZING is a lifestyle, which allows you to reach your fullest potential and live your best life.

Some areas you may need help with

-Kitchens and Pantries




-Living Rooms

-Children's Spaces



The Process

1. Get in touch 

Visit our contact page and let us know about your organizing project

2. In-Home Consultation

H:OM ORGANIZING performs a 60 minute in-home consultation where we determine your goals and expectations for your space, and decide on the best package for you

3. Organizing 

We begin your project and ensure your space is easy to maintain and functional

If you're not located in the GTA, H:OM ORGANIZING can still help! Contact Megan for information on how to proceed with organizing your home by booking a travel session


289 813 2955

*Travel charges may apply