Meet Megan

Organizing has always come natural to Megan. Her organizing philosophy is; everything in the house has a home. Megan is a former dance teacher with a Master of Arts Degree in Dance. She is also a Certified Wedding Planner with a WPICC certificate and has an extensive working background in event planning.  Megan uses her artistic and creative qualifications  toward the homes she organizes and ensures every space is aesthetically pleasing and functional. She understands, when the environment you live in is organized, other spaces in your life become clear and calm. Through her personal realizations, Megan decided to become a full time home organizer, to help others discover their own inner peace by living in a tidy and orderly home. 


Why Organizing

Organizing is a task everyone must endure - luckily for Megan, it does not feel like a chore, but rather, a fun task. Whether you are moving, downsizing, decluttering, creating a play space, cleaning out an office or simply want to freshen up your house, organizing plays an important role. When your home is organized, other elements in your life begin to follow suit and this is when you are able to recognize the things in your life that truly matter. 


Top 5 Benefits of using H:OM ORGANIZING

  1. Gain free time
  2. Reduce stress and anxiety
  3. Bring calmness and energy to other areas of life
  4. Save money by eliminating over-purchasing
  5. Boost your productivity